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Nowadays, there are several obsolete component distributors who supply electronic, military aerospace3and obsolete parts. However, not all are reliable and trustworthy. These distributors may supply inferior-quality products, without warranty that does not work well, causing loss of your precious money. Here are some tips, which can help you make the right buying choice.

Tips for Obsolete Component Buyers

  • Go For A Reliable Supplier

The best way is to deal with a reliable and trusted obsolete component distributor, who will provide you with quality products. is the UK’s premier obsolete component distributor. Years of extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge make us a reliable and trustworthy supplier. 

  • Refurbished Parts

Many suppliers sell refurbished parts: these parts are heated and then pulled off boards. As a result of the heat used to remove the parts, such parts often fail to work satisfactorily. At, we supply only original, direct from the manufacturer products.

  • Counterfeit Parts

Another problem is fake or counterfeit parts. Such parts may carry the stamp and label of a recognised supplier, but may not be genuine. is your sole source of genuine best value obsolete components.

  • Re-marked Parts

Re-marked parts will work but are from a different manufacturer. Their original making and stamp have been removed and they have been reprinted. Obsolete Components, UK supplies 100% authentic and original products.

  • Lack of Original Packaging

Often when you buy obsolete parts, another problem that you may encounter is a lack of original packaging. This is the first sign that these parts are fake. offers original products, direct from the manufacturer, complete with original packing, stamps and labels.

  • Non-ISO Approved Supplier

While purchasing from a new supplier, check if he is ISO certified and conforms to recognised standards of quality norms. If your supplier is non-ISO approved, there is a great chance that the supplied products may not be good quality items. is your ISO-approved supplier, providing ISO-certified products. 

  • Overseas Supplier

Since you do not get an opportunity to interact directly with an overseas provider, check for ISO or such other certifications, guarantee provided and payment terms. At Obsolete Components, we buy from only ISO-approved sources.

All our products are ISO certified for conformity to the highest standards of quality. What’s more, our products carry 100% risk-free, 30-day warranty. If the parts supplied are unfit for form or function, you can contact us for a free replacement. 

It is better to be a little cautious before striking the deal because the last worry that you want is a part that will not work or a supplier who won’t answer your calls!

To inquire on any part simply Tel: +44 (0)1279 86 87 86

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