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Thank you for visiting us at Obsolete Components.co.uk. We are a premier distributor of all kinds of obsolete components, electronic parts, military components, hard to find spares and overseas products. We supply electronic and obsolete components in bulk to businesses in UK as well as overseas. All our products are ISO certified and we offer a 30-day warranty on all supplied goods.

When you deal with Obsolete Components.co.uk, you get the finest combination of premium quality coupled with years of extensive experience. All our products showcase the latest technical knowledge at its best. We are your sole source for all kinds of long-lead time, difficult to find, obsolete and overseas components.

To know more about our wide array of products and services, you can contact us via phone, fax or email. Our customer service associates will be pleased to answer your questions, take your orders and be of service to you. No matter what your query, we assure you of a pleasant service experience.

You can also visit us. We would love to meet you in person and understand your business requirements.

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