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Obsolete Component Distributor 


Located in UK, ObsoleteComponents.co.uk is the Industry’s Foremost Obsolete Component Distributor. The company is a worldwide obsolete component supplier of electronic parts and components. A part of Oracle Components, we are acknowledged as one of the fastest emerging obsolete component distributor in the industry. We provide all kinds of long-lead time, hard to find, overseas and obsolete parts. As an Obsolete Component Distributor, we have access to over 40 million line items and electronic components.


When you deal with ObsoleteComponents.co.uk, you enjoy obvious privileges of dealing with the leader:

  • Quality tested components
  • ISO approved products
  • State-of-the-art information systems
  • Professional staff to handle all your queries and requests
  • Fast processing and on-time delivery of every order


Competitive pricing


All our components are tested for quality and confirm to recognised accreditations. We offer you superior quality in sync with the latest technology priced at very competitive rates. We are your superior quality, tech-savvy and on-time supplier of an entire range of military, electronic and obsolete components. We supply ISO certified components backed by a 30-day warranty. If you feel that the supplied parts are unfit for form or function, you can contact us for a free replacement.


Personalised Services


We provide you an impressive array of wide-ranging Sales, Technical and Customer Support Services. All our services are customer-focussed, user-friendly and easily accessible. What’s more, we have especially tailored the entire spectrum of our services to suit your varied business needs.


With our personalised services, we work to help your business grow and prosper.

Diversified Services

We distribute and supply all kinds of industry components: 


  • Electronic Components
  • Military Components
  • Difficult to Find Parts
  • Overseas Products


Obsolete Components


ObsoleteComponents.co.uk provides you various value-added services. Product enquiry, sales query, tech support, placing an order or providing feedback; no matter what your query, we have the expertise and necessary know-how to assist you in every possible way.


Your Exclusive Obsolete Component Supplier


ObsoleteComponents.co.uk is your exclusive source of all kinds of obsolete components and supplies. Whether you want an ordinary or obsolete component, you can find it here. We supply obsolete components to various public and private sector companies, shipping supplies to UK as well as overseas markets.


To enquire about our range of services, just call 08450 22 23 24


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