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ObsoleteComponents.co.uk: Industry’s Foremost Obsolete Component Supplier


ObsoleteComponents.co.uk is the Industry’s Foremost Obsolete Component Supplier. We offer a wide variety of military components, electronic parts, aerospace products and all kinds of obsolete components. If you are looking for some long lead time or difficult to find obsolete component, you can be sure to find it at ObsoleteComponents.co.uk.

We offer a diversified product portfolio to cater to all your business needs. We supply components such as adhesives, aerospace components and adaptors, airframe, antenna components, blanking covers, various kinds of amplifiers, capacitators, chokes, connectors, diodes, electronic components, integrated circuits, relays, switches, transformers; circular adaptors, conduit systems, consumables, control panels and many other electronic, military and obsolete components.


Sole Supplier of Genuine Parts


Obsolete Components, UK is Your Sole Supplier of Best Value Genuine Parts. All our components are superior quality and ISO approved. Our products carry 100% risk-free 30-day warranty. All our equipment and products are 100% certified to be highest quality and free from any defects.

Our components come from ISO approved sources. We do not procure from non-approved suppliers or local Chinese markets. If you feel that supplied parts do not confirm to recognised quality standards, you can contact us for a free replacement.

With our Authentic Obsolete Parts you enjoy complete peace of mind that comes with the experience and knowledge of a proven industry expert.


Bad Parts


When you deal with ObsoleteComponents.co.uk, you deal with an industry veteran. By virtue of dealing with the Industry’s Foremost Obsolete Component Supplier, you get best quality, reliability and durability at unmatched prices.

But if you are dealing with a new obsolete component supplier, watch out for any potential Bad Parts. You might come across several suppliers who offer you obsolete parts at rather attractive prices. Be Careful: The supplier might be selling bad parts. Bad Parts are components that do not confirm to recognised standards of quality and authenticity. Such parts may be counterfeit, fake, re-marked or refurbished. They may not be available in original packaging and will not function properly, leading to waste of your hard-earned money.

A little care and some preliminary checks can help you make the right buying decision. Always buy obsolete parts and components from an ISO-approved supplier. Check for the warranty provided and compare prices across distributors. If you are dealing with an overseas supplier, do not hesitate to ask for ISO or such other recognised accreditations. A caution exercised before actually striking the deal will be well worth the time and effort spent.


To enquire about Genuine Obsolete Components, simply call: 08450 22 23 24


If in any doubt we are happy to check any supplier out you are dealing with. 


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