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Obsolete Component distributor Obsolete Components.co.uk is UK’s leading company under the aegis of Oracle Components. We are suppliers and distributors of an entire range of electronic parts, military components, overseas products and obsolete components. We are your exclusive source for all kinds of long-lead time, overseas and hard to find obsolete components.

Our parts and components are known for their durability, reliability and superior quality. Our range includes various kinds of obsolete products and solutions for your different electronic and military requirements.

We cater to the requirements of various public and private sector companies and our operations are confined not only to UK, but extend to all major overseas markets as well. We have been at the forefront of Electronic Component procurement, with over two decades of wide-ranging supply experience.


A Diversified Product Portfolio


As a pioneer Obsolete Component Distributor, ObsoleteComponents.co.uk can help your company in identifying the right products to suit your varied business needs. Our Diversified Product Portfolio continues to grow setting new trends every time, time after time. We offer an entire gamut of tailored, industry aware and quality products and services.

Whether you are looking for a hard to find, obsolete, military component or electronic part, www.obsoletecomponents.co.uk is the place where your search ends.


Giving Businesses a Competitive Edge


Superior quality is a hallmark of all our products. At Obsolete Components, we adhere to strict standards of quality control. All our parts and components are checked for any manufacturing defects before being placed in stock or shipped to customers. Our products and supplies are complete with necessary certifications of quality conformity.

We are your ISO approved supplier for all kinds of military, electronic and obsolete components. All our supplies are covered under a 30-day warranty and if you find the parts unfit for form or function, you can contact us for replacement.

Working in sync with the latest technology, we guarantee faster and efficient processing of your requests and orders, quick quotations, immediate delivery, user-friendly search engine, latest information systems, excellent tech support and much more.

ObsoleteComponents.co.uk gives your business a competitive edge, by saving your hard-earned pounds and by being your quality, tech-savvy and on-time supplier.


To enquire on any part simply call : + 44 (0) 8450 22 23 24


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